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SexMadFreak1 uploaded a photo 174 minutes ago.

Local dogging ads

Welcome to real UK local dogging ads. A meeting place for UK swingers and UK adult contacts who would like to go dogging. You need to be over 18 to enter this site.

Greetings fellow doggers, you have reached the UK's premier dogging community, this site is full of real swingers who love to go dogging. You can search through thousands upon thousands od dogging ads in your local town. No matter where you are located in the UK there is sure to be someone somewhere that wants to go dogging tonight!

Dogging is not for everyone but if you like to have sex with total strangers out doors in a friendly community then this is definitely for you so Sign Up For Free

What is dogging?

I know some of you guys may of heard of dogging but you might not know just exactly what dogging is, well let me tell you its great fun, it involves meeting fellow doggers at car parks, woods, parks or other outdoor locations to be watched having sex or to watch people have sex. Its real, its raw and its 100% British. A range of different people will be there from 20 something's to 50 something's, some will be swingers after an extra frill some will be single men or women who just want some no strings attached down right dirty sex!

Real dogging places

Finding local dogging ads is easy when you know how and you are active in communities like this, just read peoples ads, contact them and arrange a meet. It might just invite only where there is just you and a couple or perhaps just you and your partner can arrange to be watched by a stranger. Dogging is a great turn on no matter whether you're a watcher or an exhibitionist.

Sign up for free to local dogging ads, start searching the thousands of ads and just start sending your requests to all our members and with in no time at all you will start getting replies sent back.

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