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Still interested in dogging? Then please continue reading!

Interested in dogging?

If you're interested in dogging then you're in the right place to find out more about it. As mentioned above anyone can give it a shot! With good use of forums, chat rooms and messageboards it's very easy to find people who are interested in engaging in dogging activities all over the country. The general consensus is to find a secluded spot out of public view but close enough to a public place if someone needs to get there in a hurry. When a suitable place has been located it's then appropriate to find people who are interested in getting something organised with you! Don't be afraid to say exactly what you're looking for, by knowing what you want and making sure everyone else knows what's expected of them you make it much more exciting experience!

Obviously, for dogging, having a car helps, however even if you don't have a car you can still participate providing that public transport runs close by but bear in mind dogging generally happens in places outwith general public areas so those chances are slim!

Obviously don't plan every aspect, it's a new adventure afterall! Every dogging experience is different and you should let the night flow, as long as you're all comfortable with what's going on! Don't forget safety as well as enjoyment. Don't forget about cleaning up after yourself either, that way you can make sure that your private little place is not found by local authorities or those genuinely walking their dogs! Dogging is all about overcoming the challenge of finding that secluded little spot where you can enjoy yourselves and help others enjoy themselves too and keeping that sweet spot your little secret, at least from those who aren't interested in joining in the fun!

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