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Find out all about dogging by reading our helpful guide.

About dogging, dogging places and the people that go dogging.

What is dogging I hear you say? Is it taking the dog out for a walk? Perhaps stalking people like a dog? Or is it the act of having sex outdoors like a dog? It's actually a combination of all three! The word dogging originates from the seventies. Dogging has been a craze sweeping over the UK recently, however, it's been around much longer than we realise. Swingers, voyeurs and exhibitionists all over the country have realised the thrill of the woods in the middle of the night, abandoned car parks at dusk and the appeal of lovers lanes! Dogging may be sweeping over the UK but it doesn't stop there! There are signs that it's spreading all over the world reaching out to places in Canada, USA and New Zealand.

The people likely to partake in dogging are those with healthy sexual appetites. Generally aged between 25-50, singles and couples from all walks of life enjoy parking up somewhere discreet and putting on a naughty show. Besides from their hobby, they generally lead normal lives with day to day jobs and have families and social lives just like the rest of the country. Some doggers are already swingers or have an interest in the swinging scene. Some doggers are simply voyeurs who enjoy watching others get off while getting themselves off!

So who does the dogging?

Those who are putting on the show are usually couples. Either couples that have been together for some time and like a bit of adventure in their sex life or couples who have met online and agreed to meet up for some naughty fun. Sometimes it's lone females who enjoy getting out in the car, maybe with a few toys, seeing if they can grab some attention and put on a little show! The reason people find dogging so fascinating, be they couples or individuals is how taboo it is! Public sex happens every day, however, having someone watch you or even join in and help you out adds to the excitement, to the thrill that you'd already be experiencing! I'm sure if you've read this much into dogging just the thought of getting out in the open air, indulging in some dirty little adventure really excites you, now imagine actually doing it.

Now, if all you're interested in doing is observing then bear in mind there are rules that should be followed, a dogging etiquette if you will! Oh,and also remember that not everyone wants to be watched! There may be innocent couples who don't know they have stumbled across a dogging area. There are tell tale signs to watch out for! For those who want an audience and for those who want participants. Cars may have their interior lights on or have given a few flashes of their headlights to advertise the fact they are happy with people watching. For those who are happy for you to come forward and get a better look or even to join in will roll down their windows. Be careful, be courteous and don't overstep you're boundaries. That way you can be sure everyone has a good time! It's all about fun at the end of the day.

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