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Amanda's Details:

Amanda is from Birmingham, West Midlands.

My Name is Amanda & I'm 44 years old & Married.

I'm tagged in , , , & seeking Local carpark fun this evening.

Category: Local Dogging Ads

Free UK dogging

It’s only really since the advent of the internet and all the dogging sites out there, that a virtual end to free dogging has come about; but it does still exist. All you really have to do is go right back to the basics when people didn’t have the internet and work out how they went dogging etc. Free dogging was the only way it could be not long ago and any thought of selling the location of the spots was far from the minds of any organisers simply because they were so addicted to dogging that they simply adored getting as many people as they could involved and had to get involved. The only way to do free dogging is to follow word of mouth and various free resources in order to get hold of dates and places etc, rather than advertise on the internet. This was a good enough method for most people and free dogging wasn’t an unheard of part of modern British culture; and still isn’t.

You could go along to one of the spots you’ve heard about (and let’s face it we’ve all heard stories haven’t we?) and check out what’s going on and approach the people there in order to join in. This is pure and simply free dogging and if the group is genuine then there shouldn’t be any money involved at all. However, there is one bonus with dogging websites and it is the fact that they provide an introduction to a particular group of doggers or a location so that you can let people know ahead of time who you are and where you’re from etc. This is a much safer way that pursuing free dogging.


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